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Our St. Patty’s Day Brew – A Dry Irish Stout

Sometime last month Little Boy Brew and I realized that we hadn’t prepared anything for St. Patty’s day! Last year we had made the time tested green beer, but neither of us had an interest in doing that again.  Not thought about, but not all that surprising the food coloring turned all my keg tubing as well as the keg itself green! Just not worth the cleaning time, because truthfully after St. Patty’s day is done who the hell wants to drink green beer? So, this year we went with a Dry Irish Stout.

What is a Dry Irish Stout?

I, like the rest of the beer drinking world associate the term Irish Beer with Guinness.  I would love to speak to someone who is from Ireland on their opinion on that.   According to Beer Advocate a Dry Irish Stouts,

… tend to have light-ish bodies to keep them on the highly drinkable side. They’re usually a lower carbonation brew and served on a nitro system for that creamy, masking effect. Bitterness comes from both roasted barley and a generous dose of hops, though the roasted character will be more noticeable. Examples of the style are, of course, the big three, Murphy’s, Beamish, and Guinness, however there are many American brewed Dry Stouts that are comparable, if not better.

Neither Little Brew Boy or I have a nitro system (yet), so we carbonated and are serving it the old fashion way.  I’d love to get a Nitro System one day, but there is a lot of other equipment we’d/I’d buy first.

Brewing Micky Finn’s Dry Irish Stout Extract Kit

We went with an extract kit from Boom Chugalug called “Micky Finn’s Dry Irish Stout.”  Boom Chugalug describes the product pretty damn perfectly,

How would you describe the taste of an Irish pub in your pint? You might say, “Jaysus, O’Reilly! This fine stout reminds me of the days when me mammy mistook the Guinness bottle for me baby bottle and nursed me happily to sleep!” Whatever words come to mind, your tastes will transport you to a dark lane in a Dublin pub, where you gaze with wonder upon this stout before you, with its tanned creamy head forming a frothy blanket above that pitch black brew, and when your lips meet that brew below, you’ll be pleasantly greeted with the bittersweet roasty and nutty flavors giving way to the dry, mocha finish. And wherever you set your empty pint, remember, your heart will always be in Ireland.

We usually make 5 gallons of it, but since we both wanted our own keg we went with 10 gallons.  Like we did with Brady Beer, our California Steam Beer, we take the time to mix the two individual 5 gallon fermenters.  Neither of us really set up for 10 gallons of beer to hang out somewhere in our houses (read: neither of our wives are cool enough to have a HUGE drum of beer in a room).  Little Boy Brew came up with a fantastic name, tóg go bog é, which means Take it Easy.

My Review of the Micky Dry Irish Stout Extract Mix

We didn’t mess with the recipe at all, and I have to be honest, IT IS AWESOME!  It tastes lighter than a Guinness and is very drinkable.  The ABV is in that 4 to 4.5% range which for craft beer is pretty low.  I would 100% recommend this extract kit.  Plus it is kind of cool that it cascades!


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